If you are reading this, you made it to the next decade! 10 years can fly by fast. Can you actually name what you have accomplished personally and professionally for yourself in the last ten years? Most of us can not. Why? Because most of us fall victim to setting goals or resolutions and never executing them. Below are tips on how to actually execute your goals in this new decade.

1. WRITE IT DOWN – Did you know that 44% of persons of the most successful people actually wrote their goals down? And that they also made 9 more times more money that write them down! Why? Because writing out your goals down actually forces you to look at what you want and by default encourages you to write down how you can execute these goals.

2. BE SPECIFIC- The more specific the better. When you narrow down specifically what you want it makes it actually easier to execute. Instead of saying I want to become financially independent, say which business you will launch in order to achieve this independence. Instead of saying I want to lose weight, say you will set a regular gym schedule and change your diet and the weight loss will automatically follow.

3. GIVE YOURSELF A DEADLINE- Many ask me how I am able to launch so many businesses or complete so many projects in such a short time frame. The secret is to give yourself a date deadline (long projects 6-9months and short project 2-3 months) and hold yourself accountable to that deadline. If you are working up to a certain date even if you don’t complete it on that exact date you will eventually complete it because you would have been working up to that point trying to complete it.

4. GIVE YOURSELF A VISUAL- Vision boards work because they keep your desires in the forefront of your mind. The idea is that once you create your vision board, you will put in a place where you can see it everyday, and thus be consistently inspired and motivated to achieve the goals you place on your board.

5. DECLARE OUT LOUD- Once you write down your goals and have images of them you see on a regular basis on your vision board then you will by default start to speak about them. By speaking about them your actions will start to match your words and you will only associate with people and things that will align with executing your goals. You will be manifesting your desires into existence by placing them into the universe.

Here’s to your next ten years!