About Us


  1. in a way that conforms to or is defined, permitted or required by the law.



  1. extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large.
    synonyms:  tremendous, stupendous, prodigious, phenomenal, remarkable, exceptional

Does the adjective “Fabulous” define you? If so, you are in the right place! Legally Fab, is the brain child of the fabulous Entrepreneur and Attorney J. Carter, Esq.  As a professional woman just graduating from law school, Carter soon discovered that traditional society defined professional to mean “boring” and expected that you should not work outside the “box” of your career path.  Carter rejected this notion and believed that her dress, personality, demeanor could have an exciting flare while still remaining respectable and polished hence her lifestyle motto of “Legally Fab”. Carter also believed she should not be just confined to the attorney profession and in that vain she began to expand her career into the arts, media, technology, philanthropy and entrepreneurship.  Her results were astonishing; before the age of 30 she produced 2 television show concepts, 1 film and authored her first book all while launching her solo legal practice and teaching at several universities.  As she achieved these milestones, she noticed with the invention of reality television and social media platforms like Instagram that media increasingly began to only glorify women’s bodies, unruly behavior and dysfunctional relationships instead of education, culture, class or healthy relationships.  Carter was determined to make having a degree, being classy, independent, ambitious and respectable popular again.

Her journey did not go unnoticed and suddenly Carter started receiving thousands of social media followers and direct messages from women, who were seemingly on the same journey; discovering themselves inside and outside of their profession and asking Carter for career, style and life advice.  Consequently, Carter decided the best way to pass on her knowledge and advice was to create an exciting and transparent place online for professional women to receive advice, inspiration and of course shop all things FAB!

In that vain, we hope that you find this website, Legally FAB, to be your HOME and to satisfy your pursuit of all things FABULOUS.

Cheers! XOXO