You’ve worked months or even years on a project, business, or deal and you finally see the fruits of your labor. Suddenly you are acknowledged for your success and it’s eerily quiet. Sure you may get a few likes on social media and immediate congratulations from your family. But there will noticeably be some friends and colleagues that will not even acknowledge your accomplishments.

This silence will at first offend you, anger you or even make you sad. But here’s why it shouldn’t:

  • They are envious. It’s not uncommon that they are jealous that they can never achieve your level of success and that they wish they could achieve it.
  • They really are your competitors. Sometimes we mistake friends for “frienemies”. Sometimes people pretend to be our friends to benefit from what we have but are ready to surpass or take us down the minute it becomes convenient to raise their stature.
  • They compare their success to yours. Some “friends” are ok with you succeeding in your personal or professional life as long as you are not surpassing them. Classic crab in the barrel mentality.

So the next time you achieve something, don’t wait for the applause. Instead expect the crickets. And let that silence be your answer on whose really “rooting for you”.