Say Hello to the Glenn Twins Debra and Joyce! Models, Authors, Actresses and Accountants! Is there anything this super duo can’t do?:)  Check out their interview below and don’t forget to get your copy of their book “Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness.”

1) Why did you choose your profession? We didn’t actually choose our profession.  We were constantly being approached with opportunities to model and act as children; however we were extremely introverted and uninterested.  Years later we finally acquiesced.  So, we feel like our involvement in entertainment was chosen for us.

2) What is the favorite part of your job? We love the opportunity to be creative and be ourselves.  We like the relaxed atmosphere in the entertainment industry.  There isn’t as much pressure to be conservative or perfect.  We also love being able to work together.

3) What is the most difficult part of your job? We dislike the politics that often take place behind the scenes in this industry.  Very talented, hard-working people are often overlooked for people who have personal relationships or side deals with the decision makers.

4) Who is your mentor (if any)? We have a few.  We admire hard-working, self-made female entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Bethenny Frankel and Eva Longoria!

5) Best piece of advice for someone pursuing your field? Don’t! Lol!  Unless you have a deep rooted passion for entertainment or entrepreneurship and you truly believe this is part of your life’s purpose, pursue something more practical.  The ups and downs of this business are often so tumultuous. You must have a true desire to serve and a willingness to be broke and endure rejection to overcome the hard times.  If you truly feel that this is your calling, then get the training, get amazing representation and keep positive and productive people around you.

6) If you have not chosen this profession would have you chosen instead? Joyce- I would have become a CPA and started a firm for financial consulting.  Debra- I would have gotten my PhD and become a college or graduate school professor.

7) Favorite designer? Balmain

8) Favorite makeup brand? Our own! Mirror Image Cosmetics coming soon…

9) Favorite hair care? Garnier Fructis

10) Favorite skin brand? Natural Vitamin E

11) If you could only choose 5 items to put in your purse everyday, what would they be? Carmex, lipstick, a makeup compact, hand lotion, and a Chinese silk hand fan

12) Free plug:)– Anything you would like our readers to know that you are selling or creating? We would love for readers to head to and order our first published book “Keeping Your Crown: The Black Woman’s Guide to Reclaiming Greatness.”

Education (Schools Attended): Savannah State University, BBA Accounting

Certifications or Licenses?: Certified Tax Preparers

Memberships?: Beta Gamma Sigma (The International Business Honor Society)

Awards?: Honor graduates: Joyce (Suma Cum Laude) Debra (Magna Cum Laude)

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IG: @theglenntwins @glenntwin_joyce @glenntwin_debra

Twitter: @GlennTwins


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