Congratulations! You made it to APRIL.  That means you have made it through 1/3 of the year!  But have you been existing up to this point or LIVING?

Spring symbolizes “new life”.  In that vain, here are some tips to breathe new life into all aspects of your life.

  1.  Clean your house.  According to Psychology Today, researchers have found a connection between a clean house and our mental well-being.  A clean house can help you eat better, be more productive, improve sleep and fight illnesses.
  2. Review your resume.  There’s no time like the present to look for the next dream job.  Confused on where to start?  Check out our Resume Review and Resume Kit Design Services to help you stand out to your next employer.
  3.  Get rid of old relationships that are not ADDING to your life.  There’s an old saying that you can do bad by yourself.  Listen to this.  After 25, friendships and romantic relationships should be beyond social.  Your inner circle should be contributing to you mentally, emotionally, financially or professionally.  If someone in your life is not contributing to you in one of these categories chances are they are DRAINING you.  I have another saying.  I am going to the next level in my life and everybody can’t come with me!
  4. Launch that million dollar business idea (FINALLY!). Have you been procrastinating on launching your business?  Well the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.  Select our LLC course in our digital store that will teach you how to file your business online alongside a real lawyer! Are you a creative? Check out our blog, podcast and reality show courses here.
  5. Get a new wardrobe.  Put those winter clothes away and get ready for skirts, dresses and open toe shoes! has a limited collection put together for you every month.  Check out the shop!