Focus, Focus, Focus

Do you want to know why writing things down to manifest works?

Whenever you write down your goals and intentions they force you to focus.

Sitting down and collecting your thoughts require your full attention.

Whatever You Put Your Attention On Grows

“What you think about is what you bring about.” This is a very popular saying. Whatever you pay attention to is what you will experience in your life. So if you are wondering why you have had bad relationships, bad finances, bad friendships it is probably because this is what your are thinking about.


So, you’re going to need a pen and paper. Even better a journal.

You can also use a vision board but I do not suggest using your laptop.

1. Identify your desires.

Write down at least three goals professionally and personally. The Power of Three says not to make a list of more than 3 things to properly execute without getting overwhelmed.

2. Write it down.

See Above- Use paper or vision board preferably.

3. Write down in detail what it feels like to have what you want.

The more specific the better. Instead of saying I want to lose weight say I want to eat healthier, exercise 2-3 times a week and drink more water to lose ______pounds by this date______. Now you have a method to reach your goal and a deadline to help you stay accountable and reach the goal.

4. Let it Go.

The letting go part is so you don’t give your logical mind room to begin questioning or doubting your goals.

Think of your list or vision board as magic. As soon as you have written it, it is already done.

Choose whatever method works for you and have fun with this!

Please let us know if these tips helped you and please share our article! Looking forward to seeing you dreams come true!