Pink is still one of my favorite colors to wear when my wardrobe needs a fresh take.  It’s adds just enough of femininity to your wardrobe and it’s so much fun to wear! Whether you prefer bright jewel tones or soft subtle hues, try infusing just a hint (or a whole lot) of pink into your usual routine. The color pink has even been proven to make you feel better!

Heres 4 ways to wear it:

1. Wear it as a skirt. Shop our “I Pleat the Fifth” dress as seen on Lauren Conrad in our shop! This dress can be work to work, happy hour, in the spring or in the fall with a jacket. So versatile!


2. Wear it as a jacket. A hint of pink never hurt anyone! Fur or blazers work perfectly! Our “Legally Blonde” fur is shown below.


3. Wear it as a dress!

Blush pink is the way to go if you want to wear this color on a dress. Give the look a try with our blush “Pink Panther” dress!



4. Wear it as a suit. Be bold and wear it as a hot pink pants or shirt suit! Try this look with our “Law Suit” below.