Say hello to Ms. Sheena Allen! Have an awesome app idea?  Want to enter the field of technology but not sure how?   Then read on! Ms. Allen does it all:) Also don’t forget to get your copy of her book, The Starting Guide: Your First App + Business 101 Tips” on Amazon!
1) Why did you choose your profession? 
I had a random idea for an app during my senior year of college. Growing up, my grandmother always told me that when you truly find what you’re destined to do, you’ll know it. I was in school for film, psychology and marketing, but ended up in tech. I fell in love with creating and using technology to be innovative. 
2) What is the favorite part of your job?
Creating. The process watching an idea I have come to fruition.

3) What is the most difficult part of your job?
The most difficult is not the actual work but missing out on things. Being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job. There’s no such thing as clocking in and out. I travel a lot and I have a lot of late nights and early mornings and I have missed my share of family and friend special occasions. 

4) Who is your mentor (if any)?
I have a lot. A few are Anthony Frasier, Paul C Brunson, and LaTanya Junior. 

5) Best piece of advice for someone pursuing your field?
Don’t be afraid to break rules and create your own lane. You never stand out being like everyone else. 

6) If you have not chosen this profession would have you chosen instead?
A film writer and director or an I/O psychologist 

7) Favorite designer?
Brand: Balmain 

8) Favorite makeup brand?
Fenty Beauty

9) Favorite hair care?
Mielle Organics

10) Favorite skin brand?

11) If you could only choose 5 items to put in your purse everyday, what would they be?
It would have to be my headphones, Carmex, lipstick, debit card and some gum.
12) Free plug:)– Anything you would like our readers to know that you are selling or creating or philanthropic organizations you are apart of?
I get emails all the time of people have an idea for an app, but not sure of how the process works or where they should start. Because I don’t have time to answer everyone back, I took time to write a book, The Starting Guide that can be found on Amazon. The book gives you all the knowledge you need if you are wanting to create a mobile app, even if you have no technical background or clue where to start. We are also testing our beta app for CapWay, so be sure to download it or share it with those that are financially underserved or uncertain about the their financial future. 

Education (Schools Attended)

University of Southern Mississippi
BA: Film / BS: Psychology

Instagram and Twitter Social Media Handle
IG: @whoisSheena
Twitter: @whoisSheena

Official Website (if any)