No Concerts, No Sports, No Movies, No Trips, No Museums, No Restaurants, No Weddings, No Parties, No Beaches and No Gyms.

We are all stuck inside because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Just 40 days ago our lives were so normal. The worldwide stay at home orders are leaving some people depressed, scared and frustrated being stuck on the inside with no end in sight. Here is what I did to give myself a break from my home environment while staying safe.

1. Pick the best area of town where you live or travel to your second home or vacation home. For example, I chose Malibu. If you do not have a personal home somewhere else rent a hotel suite or nice Airbnb full of plush amenities.

2. Plan your meals ahead of time. Order from restaurants that deliver through Uber eats, Door Dash etc. Order all your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner foods. I am a seafood foodie so most of my meals had seafood items like crab rolls, shrimp cocktails and oysters. For breakfast, I also did plenty of fruit, nuts, cheeses with standard items like pancakes and french toast. To top it off I had different types of Mimosas with several juices and in the evening had selection of red and white wines.

3. Plan your staycation activities. Since you are currently at home watching mostly TV and on the computer and on social media all day, stay away from these draining activities and instead choose reinvigorating and relaxing activities. If your staycation home has a pool or jacuzzi, swim during the day and relax in jacuzzi at night. My home was on the beach so I had the benefit of walking along the beach and falling asleep to the waves. I also exercised during the day, read books and listened to music during the day. As a special treat, my nail tech with masks and gloves performed mobile in house services so I had mani and pedi spa day during my stay. In the evening, I chose to unwind some nights to some popular of Oscar movies with popcorn and gave myself facials with sheet masks I purchased from Target and CVS. My staycation partner also convinced me to do my first Tik Tok videos that gave me a chance to act and dance something I hadn’t done in months!

The takeaway is make sure during this time you do not stay at home day after day. Take even if it is just a weekend to change your environment, relax and reset!